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Wrath of the Fallen

Justin has discovered that being murdered for his sins doesn't mean he's finished paying for them. Once a member of an elite counter-intelligence group Justin was part of the Catholic Church's solution to eliminating the Rosicrucians - an ancient secret society who challenged the power of the Church. After his assassination he finds himself reborn in modern-day New Orleans. Only now he is changed. Now he is a vessel for the dead, to be possessed and used by their spirits for their own purposes.


Justin was once part of an elite group who's sole purpose was to stamp out the threat to the Catholic Church from a secret society. He was trained to be the ultimate counter-intelligence agent and given full pardon from the church to accomplish any task that needed to be carried out. His effectiveness was ultimately his undoing and with the accomplishment of a final mission, Justin unwittingly signed his own death warrant.Fast forward to present-day Louisiana.


Justin has been reborn as something more than human, but far from Godly. He is now Fallen, and his exceptional powers are used by those beyond Death's Door to finish whatever twisted plans they didn't finish before their deaths. His salvation seems unreachable, and his happiness seems forbidden.Then he meets a young girl who changes his life. She shows him his humanity, showing him that life does not need to be one vicious deed after another. He rescues her from the most evil of men, once again unwittingly setting into motion events that will bring him face-to-face with the cold hand of death.


Though unmatched physically, he becomes a victim to a spirit unlike any he's ever experienced. This spirit doesn't just want Justin's body - it wants to burn his life to ashes and devour what's left of his soul. Justin begins a battle that crosses from the physical realm to the spiritual, only this time it isn't only his life that is in danger.This book follows the same genre as Koontz, Preston and Child, and Stephen King. If you like their writings, you'll enjoy this novel.


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Article: SAT Redesign: Preparing Digital Natives for the Future

The SATs have long been a staple of the college acceptance experience. Developed in the late 1800’s by a team of leading universities, the test was an elegant solution for students who were previously required to submit separate entrance exams for each school to which they applied. The goal was to standardize the admission acceptance criteria, allowing for a more universal and widely-accepted educational experience. The SAT is about to get its newest update, with drastic changes not seen since 2005.


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Article: Crossfit Bans Transgender Woman From Competing

In the workout community, few trends have been as successful and widely accepted as Crossfit. The Crossfit regimen is famous for its lack of routine and rapid results, as well as the strong community that has been built around it. According to Crossfit, their program “delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive.” Crossfit goes beyond simply moving weights around and instead focuses on building a community of exercise fans who work together to inspire and motivate each other. So then why is Crossfit excluding one of their own?


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Article: Black Lesbian Couple Murdered in Possible Hate Crime Found Near Dumpster

A Black lesbian couple has been murdered in what some fear is a possible hate crime. Last week, police found the remains of the women near a convenience store dumpster. The victims, Crystal Jackson and Britney Cosby, were reported to be a happy, romantically involved couple who had been living together for the last couple of years, according to their families. Although Galveston County Police have not commented on whether or not this was definitely a hate crime, the women’s families believe it was due to their sexuality.


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Article: Fred Phelps: Why I Won’t Be Taking the High Road

Fred Phelps is in the news again, only this time for something other than spreading hatred and bigotry. As reported by Viral Global News, the founder and leader of the Westboro Baptist Church is suffering deteriorating health and is rumored to be near death. As the king of picketing funerals and traumatizing families, many have looked forward for the opportunity to picket Phelps’ funeral in a long-anticipated bout of Schadenfreude. This has been met with a strong and growing group of people who have decided to take the high road, asking others to just let Fred pass in peace, encouraging people to show Fred’s family the respect he never showed others. This cause is being championed by Facebook’s favorite uncle, George Takei, as he encourages everyone to take the high road and treat Phelps’ family as they would want to be treated – even if Phelps himself would not have done the same. This message of positivity and peace has, ironically, shown a loving and Christian attitude that the Westboro Baptist Church could well learn from. The high road Takei is walking is a message of positivity on an internet that is often fraught with anger, resentment and trolling. It is a bit of the Golden Rule we could all take to heart. That’s why it’s such a shame that I won’t be following it.


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